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Although all of the waste water is processed in accordance with standards; however, some impurities are drained away to rivers and oceans. The papers made of wood pulp need to log off a great number of trees causing global warming and waste water drained to rivers and oceans.


No one is willing to live without paper and good living quality. Min Chiang has been trying to use stone paper since 2006 which Taiwan Lung Meng Technology had developed for twelve years.


Stone paper made of stone powder and a little resin whose functions are similar to wood paper. The processes of making stone paper exclude trees, water, waste water and pollution.


We called stone paper Lung Meng Environmental Paper or Lung Meng Paper which was patented in more than forty countries providing more choices for consumers.


Papers are made of wood pulp whose materials are trees. In order to make pure wood pulp, the processes of making wood pulp must include strong acid, alkali and bleaching agents, and then the wood pulp has to be rinsed by a great deal of water. In addition, the processes of making papers use clean water to melt the wood pulp.

Enviroment concept

Enviroment concept



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