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Even though the necessity of unleaded processes and hazard of lead existed in electronic products are uncertain;however, unleaded process has already been a common sense in the markets and a strategy in the countries.


All of the electronic product manufacturers have to be in accordance with the global unleaded trend. In addition to unleaded processes, you can choose “Soy Ink” which is environmental. Both electronic products and the other products have to be packaged with proper packaging materials and beautiful printing enhancing additional value including color cartons, packaging papers, descriptions, guarantees, catalogues, product introductions and company reports.


Contrast to Petroleum Ink, Soy Ink is a new technology; in fact, most of the American printing companies have been using Soy Ink for years. Taiwanese printing companies have been using Soy Ink recently. 


Soy Ink can reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) when printing. Children’s books, textbooks, magazines and packaging carton are hygienic and safe after using Soy Ink. 

Enviroment concept

“the Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment” and WEEE “Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment” under RoHS legislated by European Community have been in effect since July 1 2006 which are affecting the world.

Enviroment concept



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